Прямой работодатель  BandLab Technologies

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BandLab Technologies is a company that designs and develops innovative tools and services for the next generation of music creators: global social music creation network BandLab and digital audio workstation Cakewalk. A division of Singapore-based Caldecott Music Group (CMG), which also owns Vista Musical Instruments and NME Networks, the company’s mission is to break down the technical, geographical and creative barriers for musicians and fans worldwide.

BandLab is the flagship product of BandLab Technologies, and a leading social music creation network with a global reach of over 50 million users and growing. Its cross-platform creative ecosystem offers everything from a next-generation digital audio workstation, to an advanced suite of creator tools and features, to niche artist services. BandLab empowers creators to make music and share their creative process with creators and fans on an unprecedented level.

We’re a creative, globally diverse team full of passionate people. If you’re thinking about a career in Music or Tech, BandLab Technologies might just need your skills to make our quickly-growing company even better. Our team lives across the globe in different locations, and we hire smart people wherever they are in the world to work together remotely.

Join us in realizing our vision: A future where there are no boundaries to making and sharing music.