Прямой работодатель  Gameram

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Gameram is a first-of-its-kind social app where anyone who enjoys games can make new friends, share experiences and discover new games. With an innovative, community-driven approach, Gameram helps players from around the globe build a new virtual identity, find teammates, share achievements, and explore games together. We hire people with broad skill sets who also exhibit deep expertise.

Our ultimate goal is to unite players around the world. To do this, we are creating an ecosystem that would encourage gamers to share their experiences, make new friends and find interesting content. At Gameram we work as a small team of designers and programmers to quickly iterate and execute content that ships on a weekly basis. You will be orchestrating the experience of millions of users worldwide.

Gameram is an international startup with offices in Cyprus and Yerevan, offering the flexibility to work remotely or in one of our offices.