Прямой работодатель  Ansvery

Сайт:   ansvery.com

Ansvery is an outsourced customer support service created in 2012.  We help boost user engagement, loyalty, and retention, as well as provide consulting, hire and train agents for in-house customer support services.

During these years, we have developed personalized solutions for projects of various sizes and complexity, regardless of whether they are major developers or promising startups.

At the moment, Ansvery have multiple offices and a group of remote agents to cover the needs of any company. Also, we’re always ready to scale our team to provide even more flexibility.

The core values of Ansvery are empathy, personal approach and self-improvement.

We truly care about the quality of our work and we are proud that our clients trust us with their reputation. This is why we follow the latest support trends closely and are passionate about every supported product.

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