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Информационные технологии • Разработка • Go • TypeScript • Nest • Data Analysis
17 марта
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Our cutomer creates innovative solutions that helps unify data from various data sources into your own data warehouse and apply advanced analytics and attribution.

What they do:

  • Develop high-load data pipelines using TypeScript, Go and a variety of data storing and queueing solutions.
  • Build a UI on React.
  • Deploy our code several times a day. We love efficiency, cloud solutions, CI / CD, Kubernetes and Terraform.
  • They are very are proud of there code.

You fit team if

  • You can turn complex business requirements into a working product that our customers will love.
  • You are proud of the code that you write, but at the same time remain pragmatic and self-critical.
  • You know when to refactor and when to release.
  • You are inspired by the search for elegant solutions for complex technical problems.
  • You are focused, motivated, independent and able to complete the job, no matter how difficult the task.
  • You’re empathetic, patient and happy to help your teammates grow.
  • You perfectly know the best design patterns and effectively apply them.
  • You are serious about testing, understand the value of logging, monitoring, profiling and error tracking.

Examples of future challenges

  • Create a scalable and fault-tolerant microservice architecture.
  • Parallel processing of terabytes of data in conditions of strict RAM restrictions.
  • Create highly-available data pipelines with unlimited scalability.
  • Managing mutable shared state for various SQL and NoSQL database platforms with low-latency requirements
  • Implement a smart sharding of queues, databases, and services in case standard balancing is not possible.
  • Reduce the cost of the cloud infrastructure while maintaining the same development speed.


  • You can write both server and client code TypeScript/Go using the latest features and API.
  • You have a degree in Computer Science or similar.
  • At least 5 years of experience in development or having cool open source projects on GitHub.
  • Proven ability to write code that solves real problems.
  • You deeply understand all the complexities of writing large single-page applications.
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the design and implementation of highly-available, highly-load, fault-tolerant distributed systems.
  • Experience in implementing scalable data processing pipelines and events, preferably using streaming technologies.
  • You know parallel computing and do not confuse it with distributed computing.
  • Familiar with best practices of deployment and testing code in the production environment.
  • In your work, you demonstrate the use of architectural patterns for building scalable web applications (correct API design, high-loaded data pipelines, efficient algorithms, etc.).
  • You value teamwork and agree with the statement that “a team is a group of people who are responsible for each other’s decisions.”
  • You are familiar with the basics of machine learning.
  • You speak and write fluently in English without mistakes

They offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours/Remote work
  • Opportunity to choose type of employment
  • Opportunity to be a part of strong skilled and professional team,ability to be a build a career.

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