Middle/Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Прямой работодатель  Texel ( texel.graphics )
Москва, Россия
Миддл • Сеньор
Аналитика, Data Science, Big Data • Data Science • Machine Learning • Python • C++ • Computer Vision • Data Analysis • Ecommerce
11 марта
Работа в офисе
Опыт работы от 1 года до 3х лет
от 130 000 до 250 000 ₽
Работодатель  Texel
Описание вакансии

Our company develops and manufactures solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis of human body. Now the primary focus is helping retailers to provide highly personalized fit scores and size recommendations to shoppers, resulting in increased net revenue, conversion rate and return reduction.

The company is the resident of Skolkovo and Technopolis Moscow innovation centers.

We are looking for a machine learning researcher, who will be able to work with us on human-related projects, experiment and propose new ways of improving current techniques. Active areas of research include human body measurement prediction, garment recommendation systems, virtual try-on and other cutting-edge technologies.

What are the preferred skills for the candidate

  • · Recommender systems experience (collaborative filtering, content-based recommendation, etc.);
  • · Proficiency in PyTorch;
  • · Basic experience in 3D graphics;
  • · Experience in generative models;
  • · Knowledge of C++;
  • · Basic understanding of GPU computing specifics.

Why is it awesome to work with us

  • · Our solutions are used in 23 countries around the world.
  • · the largest British clothing manufacturer and the largest venture capital fund in Russia and Eastern Europe believe in our team and business model.
  • · We work with the largest manufacturers and clothing stores.
  • · Space for realization of bold, well-designed ideas and approaches confirmed by tests on the market, meritocracy, white and competitive salary, possibility of obtaining options by the results of work.
  • · Comfortable schedule and working conditions to maintain a work-life balance.
  • · Perfectly organized remote work, as well as — when it becomes relevant again — two comfortable offices to choose from in Moscow, office in London, New York.

Аналитика, Data Science, Big DataData ScienceMachine LearningPythonC++
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Computer VisionData AnalysisEcommerce
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