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Sales manager

Частный рекрутер  Рекрутер Мари ( сайт не указан )
Аккаунт зарегистрирован с email *@gmail.com
London, UK
Стажер • Джуниор
Продажи, закупки, клиентская поддержка • ML/AI
3 декабря 2023

Опыт работы любой
от 800 до 3 000 €
Агентство  Рекрутер Мари
Описание вакансии

  Customer: European IT company with headquarters in London

Description of the role

 Conducting analytics of the target audience 

◦ Search for relevant niches that potentially need our services  

  Compiling a database of potential client companies, searching for contacts in these companies and contact information;

◦ Sale of services through digital tools 

  Conducting online meetings with potential clients. Correspondence with contacts, appointment of presentations and negotiations

What skills are needed

◦ Upper-intermediate level of English is a must  

◦ B2B sales experience  

  The ability to set up contextual and targeted advertising;

Social media skills: write a content plan and develop promotion strategies


◦  Remote work format

◦   Decoration: Poland, Georgia

◦   Piecework salary, no ceiling

  ◦  An experienced mentor

Highly qualified colleagues from leading international companies (Google, Facebook).

Продажи, закупки, клиентская поддержка
Отрасль и сфера применения
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