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Fullstack Developer

Прямой работодатель  Outside Digital ( outsi.de )
San Diego, USA
Миддл • Сеньор
Информационные технологии • Разработка • JavaScript • TypeScript • Fullstack • Frontend • WEB • Заказная разработка
1 ноября 2023
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы любой
Работодатель  Outside Digital
Описание вакансии

We seek a candidate to join our team of digital pioneers as a Fullstack Developer. In addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, the right person for the job will be dedicated and thorough. This position requires strong attention to detail, and an innate ability to creatively problem solve. This is a hands-on position that requires strong written and verbal communication skills, and an ability to generate well-designed and efficient code.

Primary Purpose of Position: As a key member of a global team, this position will utilize the latest technologies in the coding, developing, and implementing various project architectures, layouts, and other features.


  • Develop new features and projects with a range of complexities
  • Make decisions around project architecture
  • Implement storybooks, layout components, and backend integrations (utilizing REST/graphQL)
  • Make valuable contributions to the development process
  • Implement new technologies
  • Perform code optimization
  • Write code that is efficient, well-designed, and testable
  • Contribute to research and development processes


  • Understanding of modern JavaScript and popular browser engines (V8, WebKit)
  • Strong understanding of TypeScript principles and responsive HTML
  • First-hand experience with:
    • TypeScript
    • React
    • Nest
    • Redux/React Query
    • NodeJS, NestJS or ExpressJS
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms and design patterns


  • Knowledge of SSR and SSG rendering
  • Writing unit tests with Jest and/or Testing Library
  • Understanding of UI Frameworks