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Middle or Senior Product Manager / Product Owner

  FuturHealth ( futurhealth.com )
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San Diego, USA
Миддл • Сеньор • Тимлид/Руководитель группы • Руководитель отдела/подразделения
Управление продуктом и проектами • Product management • Product Owner • SaaS/PaaS • WEB • Медицина и фармацевтика • СМИ, Медиа и индустрия развлечений
20 сентября 2023
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 3 до 5 лет
от 2 500 до 5 500 $
Работодатель  FuturHealth
Описание вакансии

About G-Plans:

G-Plans is a personalized nutrition app offering tailored meal plans that adapt to individual metabolisms and preferences. Our app features seamless integrations with food purchasing services, meal kit providers, and prepared meal delivery. Our in-house dietitians offer support to clients who need additional guidance using our service. We also have a thriving community for users seeking interaction with other like-minded individuals.

Right now we're disrupting a medication approach to obesity. It revolves around semaglutide prescriptions and telehealth. Initial product metrics are great and we're heading towards the next goals.

We are seeking a Product Manager with a strong focus on data-driven decision-making to join our team and help us further develop our G-Plans mobile app and expand our offerings.


  • Oversee the entire product lifecycle: from gathering requirements, designing, development handoff, launch, and ongoing support
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, analytics, design, and development
  • Make data-driven decisions, conduct A/B tests, and understand the statistical significance to guide product development and strategy
  • Engage in customer development and gather user feedback to improve the product
  • Utilize prototyping tools like Miro and Framer to visualize and validate product concepts
  • Translate customer requirements into clear technical specifications for developers


  • Proven experience in managing mobile app projects, preferably in the health and wellness space
  • Strong understanding of project management principles (managing expectations, planning, role delegation, etc.)
  • Excellent English communication skills, as you will be required to present ideas to stakeholders and work closely with our US Headquarters
  • Experience with data-driven decision-making, A/B testing, and understanding of statistical significance
  • Knowledge of customer development techniques and experience working with distributed teams
  • Familiarity with prototyping tools such as Miro and Framer

Examples of in-product features you'll work on:

  1. Medications refills – Improve retention and increase subscription revenue by optimizing the medication refill experience for users.
  2. DPP and insurance – help to build and ship new features that should increase overall ROAS by allowing more users into the program. 
  3. Self-service automation – dig into main users' concerns and automate resolution most of them so it's easier to scale.

We offer:

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Remote work from any location
  • Contract arrangement as an Independent Contractor or other agreed-upon method

To apply, please submit your resume, a brief description of your relevant experience, and any notable achievements in the product management field.

Join our team and help us continue to make G-Plans the go-to app for personalized nutrition and weight loss!