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Finance Manager (Remote)

Прямой работодатель  Latoken.com ( latoken.com )
Аналитика, Data Science, Big Data • Инвестиционный анализ • Финансовый анализ • Blockchain
1 июня 2023
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 1 года до 3х лет
3 000 $
Работодатель  Latoken.com
Описание вакансии


  • Latoken rating on CMC must be better than 40.
  • Trading Desk balances and PnL are under Risk Management control.
  • Reporting should be automated and detailed to manage PL and growth across units and products, support IR, and bonus calculation.
  • Trading and custody risks must be real-time monitored and mitigated with risk policies and automated stop-risk systems.
  • Bank accounts should be operational to ensure crypto-fiat business operations without delays.
  • Remuneration should be paid based on audited hours billed, work fraud (fake billed hours) detected and acted.


  • Find the balance between liquidity and risks such that Latoken rating on CMC is better than 40.
  • Automate Trading Desk balances and PnL on the platform and integrate them into financial management reporting.
  • Establish and supervise the implementation of Risks policies for trading, custody, and operational risks. Ensure real-time notification of risks policies breaches with automated stop losses, root cause reports, and processes/people fix to mitigate further breaches.
  • Audit company accounts, transactions, and reports.
  • Open bank accounts and comply with KYC/AML requirements.
  • Open accounts with payments infrastructure providers to develop fiat-crypto business.
  • Develop and implement the roadmap for regulatory and bank compliance, and acquire crypto-fiat licenses.
  • Develop a corporate structure to meet investors' and regulators' expectations.
  • Automate bonus calculations based on OKRs on the platform.
  • Update reporting for IR dataroom and respond to investors' requests.
  • Raise Round A: maintain data room, manage investors funnel, pitch and sign SAFE
  • Facilitate monthly and quarterly budgeting and OKRs planning across business units.

Main performance number: Total Revenue
Second performance number: CF - Balances Diff
Third performance number: Net Profit


  • Collect: Conduct payments, do bookkeeping using an accounting system.
  • Payrolls: Keep payrolls registry up to date, calculate remuneration and bonuses, based on attendance and KPIs achieved. Ensure payroll documents signed.
  • Balances Reconciliation: Ensure there are no deviations between Blockchain and Platform balances.
  • Corp structuring: Assets and accounts are safeguarded, and meet business, investors and regulators requirements.
  • Payments execution: Execute payments to contractors, service providers, employees. Update payments registry
  • Risk control: Ensure Blockchain wallets balances are kept within risk limits.
  • Management Reporting : Timely prepare financial report (BS, CF, PnL).
  • Reporting: Prepare reports of all internal frauds, unauthorized access or share of internal information.
  • Reporting: Prepare and automate regular managerial reports.
  • Reporting: Preparing weekly financial reports on trading performance and risk.
  • Policies: Ensure companywide financialpolices (expenses, budgeting etc.) are communicated to employees and properly executed
  • Internal Audit: Develop annual internal audit (inspection) plan based on risk based approach (agree with top management)
  • Economic impact: Each quarter calculate economis impact of discovered fraud, ineficiencies, and implemented audit recommendations on the value of the company

Requirement skills and experience:

2+ years of experience in finance management and/or audit in an international high pace company.
Experience in 2 of 4: risk management, audit, bank accounts opening for crypto companies, involvement in investment rounds.
SQL or Python skills are a plus.
Fluent English.

Аналитика, Data Science, Big DataИнвестиционный анализФинансовый анализ
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