Sales & Leads Generation Executive

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Продажи, закупки, клиентская поддержка • Привлечение клиентов • B2B • SaaS/PaaS • WEB • СМИ, Медиа и индустрия развлечений
25 мая
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 3 до 5 лет
Работодатель  SPRINTTY
Описание вакансии

At Sprintty we're looking for a Remote Sales & Lead Generation Executive to drive our sales results, engage new customers & develop current partners. We expect result & customer-oriented people who are experienced in selling SaaS. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Lead Identification: Utilize various sources, such as online research, social media, and networking, to identify potential leads and gather relevant information about them.
  • Lead Generation: Employ different lead generation strategies, including email campaigns, social media outreach, and content marketing, to engage with potential leads and capture their interest.
  • Qualification: Conduct thorough research and analysis to determine the viability and quality of leads. Evaluate their needs, interests, and purchasing intent to identify prospects with a high probability of conversion.
  • Database Management: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of leads and prospects in the company's customer relationship ​ all relevant information is recorded, including contact details, lead source, interactions, and progress.
  • Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, market conditions, and competitor activities to identify new opportunities and adjust lead generation strategies accordingly.


  • Prior experience in a lead generation, sales, or marketing role is preferred. Familiarity with lead generation techniques, CRM systems, and sales processes is highly beneficial.
  • Strong analytical skills to evaluate and qualify leads based on their potential.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to prioritize tasks, manage multiple leads simultaneously, and ensure accurate record-keeping.
  • Proficiency in using CRM software, lead generation tools, and other relevant digital platforms. Familiarity with social media platforms and content marketing is a plus.

We offer a dynamic, fully remote job in an engaged and result-oriented team, fast decisions and a start-up spirit where every person experiences a high level of ownership.


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