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Информационные технологии • DevOps • Docker • Kubernetes • Google Cloud • IoT/IIoT • Медицина и фармацевтика
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The goal of the company is to make healthcare modern, efficient and more patient centric. We do this by delivering state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workflow automation solutions via our core product.

As a fully-fledged solution provider our technology stack covers a large range from IoT hardware components all the way to end user applications. 

By combining 3D building maps with real time location (RTLS) and real time sensor data (IoT) our clients can achieve automation levels that have not been possible before. Over the last 5 years we could therefore establish a solid product-market-fit and a great foundation for our business. Today, our solutions are already used by leading hospital providers in Germany.

Our team is small, but highly professional international team with no hierarchy and values the combination of autonomy, responsibility and asynchronous work very highly. 

As we don’t live to work but love what we are doing everybody is taking an active role in shaping this company. When it comes to product development, our cross-functional product missions ensure that the best ideas win! 

We would like our future colleague to take an active role, too. 

Now, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer  to join our team:

We are seeking talented engineers to automate and scale our infrastructure as we grow our customer base, develop new features and process more and more data.

As a DevOps Team member, you will  provide support for our developers, maintain and extend the high level of our SaaS infrastructure and increase the ability to reliably deliver our services to customers.


- Develop, automate, manage and maintain our Google Cloud-based production system, ensuring availability, performance, security, and scalability;

- Support and improve Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Helm);

- Support effective monitoring and alerting to ensure high reliability;

- Maintain and improve CI/CD system (Gitlab CI).


- 2+ years of experience working with containerisation technology (Docker, Kubernetes) and cloud infrastructure providers (Google Cloud Platform);

- 2+ years of maintaining production environments and services;

- Expertise in Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes configuration;

- Experience in infrastructure troubleshooting;

- Good verbal and written communication skills;

- English level В2 or better.

Would be a plus:

- Experience in managing of Google Cloud;

- Experience in maintaining of databases: Postgres, Clickhouse, InfluxDB;

- Experience in maintaining of message brokers: VerneMQ, RabbitMQ;

- Experience in managing of metrics: Prometheus, Grafana;

- Experience in managing of logs: Datadog.

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