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Информационные технологии • DevOps • PHP • Dev tools
10 июня
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Currently, we’re hiring a DevOps Engineer to join our IT team, working together with 2 senior backend & 2 senior frontend developers, collaborating closely with our Founders and Product Team. You can learn more about the way our software development team works here.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructure ensuring security, stability, good performance and cost-efficiency
  • Building our infrastructure in the Infrastructure-As-Code approach - we are gradually migrating our infrastructure into the cloud
  • Tackling scaling challenges - we grow our traffic volume, data usage and we are expanding geographically into new markets and sources of revenues
  • Choosing the architecture that solves the problem at hand best - we are the only engineering team in the company and we have huge autonomy
  • Working close with Product Developers allowing us to reach our business goals
  • Contributing to improving our workflow based on Kanban by constantly decreasing cycle & lead times as well as keeping the Work In Progress low

 We are looking for a person with developer experience (preferable PHP) combined with knowledge of the cloud environment (AWS). Familiarity with the Infrastructure-as-Code approach, containerization (preferable docker), bash, unix and python is strongly desired.

You will have the freedom to pick the best tools and technology to allow us to migrate to the cloud environment, ensure stability, consistency of our environments and great Developer Experience.

Your typical week will consist of:

  • 70% - coding and problem solving
  • 20% - meetings (1:1s, standups, retros, devs’ tech meetings)
  • 10% - code reviews

Our tech stack:

  • Backend: PHP, Laravel, Twig, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Frontend: Vue, Twig, SCSS, Tailwind, Jest
  • Infrastructure: CDN in Fastly, HAProxy, Nginx, Elasticsearch/Fluentd/Kibana + Grafana stack for monitoring, Docker, Terraform, multiple AWS services for test instances, backups, and CI/CD, PHPUnit & Jest for tests

The above is the stack of our main marketplace application. Last year we also bootstrapped a new video product in Vue, Tailwind, Twilio Video, Google Firestore, and Vercel - although you will work on it rather occasionally.


  • Experience in building cloud infrastructure as well as experience with traditional Linux server administration
  • Min. 1-year experience with cloud providers? (preferably with AWS)
  • Very good knowledge of at least 1 programming language (preferably PHP)
  • Following software development best practices, like Test-Driven Development, Trunk-Based Development/Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment as well as Agile, DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Constant learner mindset with a passion for IT, actively acquiring new knowledge, and being up to date with the latest state-of-the-art software industry know-how
  • Great communication skills in English


  • A well-developed workflow in Kanban and Trunk-Based Development - currently 150 deployments to production monthly, automated tests battery run in ca. 5 min; low Work In Progress (usually 1 story open per developer)
  • Company Founders who invest in technical excellence practices like fast CI/CD pipelines, writing tests (first), Infrastructure-as-Code, well-organized code (Clean Code, Domain-Driven Design, etc.)
  • Constant learning culture among sharp and passionate developers who read books, attend & speak at conferences, with unlimited book allowance to support your personal growth
  • 20 days of paid time off per year + PL public holidays to support your work-life balance
  • A choice to work 100% remotely or, if you prefer, from our office in Kraków

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