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Software Documentation Developer

Прямой работодатель  Documentat.io ( documentat.io )
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Заказная разработка
22 июля
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы любой
Работодатель  Documentat.io
Описание вакансии


We are searching for an experienced software engineer who understands the value of good documentation and is willing to commit 100% of his/her working hours to the creation of developer-targeted documentation.

If you enjoy documenting your APIs, love writing insightful code comments and take pride in creating clean and complete READMEs for your GitHub projects, this is the job for you!

We want to grow an excellent technical writer from an experienced software engineer – mainly because only a person with experience in software development fully understands the requirements for great developer-targeted documentation.

This position may interest a broad range of engineering specialists other than developers: DevOps experts, QA automation engineers, SREs, system administrators...

About us

We are a small (20+ employees) consulting and outsourcing company specializing exclusively in creating technical documentation. We help other software companies create and maintain user manuals, API/SDK references, knowledge bases, and multi-purpose documentation portals.

Your responsibilities

You will create the following kinds of documentation:

• API references (mostly for RESTful HTTP APIs)

• SDK docs (mostly for iOS and Android libraries)

• User manuals for desktop applications and web-based solutions

• Deployment/installation instructions for Linux-based server applications

Apart from that you will be responsible for creating and maintaining technical infrastructure for documentation: publishing pipelines (cf. Hugo or Sphinx-doc), documentation linters, etc.

This is the perfect job for you if:

• you love writing, explaining things and structuring information

• you stopped enjoying your current career track (writing code is not fun anymore?) and you are looking for other opportunities inside our industry

• you want to apply your broad technical expertise in the most effective way possible (you can easily employ your knowledge of 3 different programming languages within a single documentation project)

• you want to conceive and develop new industrial standards for documenting APIs and describing software architecture

• you reached a salary plateau on your current career track and do not see any further advancement perspectives

Mandatory requirements for candidates:

• 3+ years of working experience in commercial software development

• excellent written Russian: no spelling mistakes, capability to convey textual information in a structured and understandable manner

• hands-on experience with Linux-based systems: you should be fine with writing a simple shell script, parsing logs using command-line tools, etc.

• hands-on experience with Git and typical Git workflows

Would be nice to have:

• excellent written English (preferably C1 / Advanced)

• familiarity with modern documentation tooling: lightweight markup languages (AsciiDoc, Markdown, rST), generators and converters for documentation (Pandoc, Sphinx-doc), documentation linters...


This is a fully remote and strictly full-time position. Each candidate will be given a test assignment. If you have any examples of developer-targeted documentation created by you, don't hesitate to attach it to your cover letter.



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