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Fullstack Java & React engineer

Частный рекрутер  Рекрутер Fatima ( сайт не указан )
Аккаунт зарегистрирован с email *@producement.com
Tallin, Estonia
Миддл • Сеньор • Тимлид/Руководитель группы
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Java • React • Spring • Dev tools
8 июня
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы любой
Агентство  Рекрутер Fatima
Описание вакансии

We're looking for a Java & React Developer, experienced in Java, Spring Boot, React/AngularJS, JavaScript to join the core team and help us take startups to the next level. 

What’s in it for you: 

  • Develop your technical skillset with a great tech stack
  • Get to work on new projects every 3-6 months and build MVPs from scratch
  • Work directly with the founding members of the startups and experience the highs and lows together with the team (we work as tight-knit teams with the startups we invest in and build products for)
  • Invest in startups through your contribution
  • Knowledge sharing sessions with the team on technical and non-technical topics like health & fitness, beer brewing at home, investing, and much more

Ideally, you should have: 

  • A strong product development mindset
  • A passion for startups and lean startup methodology (if you haven’t read the book, do it!)
  • Experience with some of the following technologies: Java, Spring Boot, React/AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Bonus points for experience with Kotlin, Typescript, AWS, TDD, CI/CD
  • Data-driven mindset
  • Ability to set goals and targets and crush them
  • Ability to present your ideas to relevant stakeholders
  • Great communications skills and the ability to carry out customer interviews
  • An analytical, yet creative, approach to problem-solving
  • Ability to work as a team player and deliver results in a remote cross-functional and cross-cultural working environment
  • Fluent English is a must


How to apply:

Contact ​ for the  application process


About our engineering culture: 

  • We follow-up lean startup methodology
  • Development by agile iterations
  • Continuous integrations and deployments (daily releases)
  • Test-driven development and 80%+ code coverage
  • Pair programming on complex tasks


What we offer:

  • Continuous learning environment
  • Trust and freedom to work on the product
  • Supportive and highly skilled coworkers
  • Great culture of transparency and openness
  • A workplace where initiatives are highly appreciated


About us

Producement is a team of ex-Transferwise engineers who fell in love with the process of building great products. After leaving Transferwise, they started their own startup product engineering studio. Producement’s mission is to help early-stage founders build and deliver scalable MVPs.

We are part investors and part product developers as a team - the startups we work with are part of our portfolio and we take very strong ownership of their product and business goals. User testing, DevOps, validating hypotheses, establishing metrics, and product work goes hand-in-hand with how we work.

We've built and invested in startups like Pactum, Salv, Promoty, PayQin.