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Информационные технологии • Разработка • iOS • CSS • HTML • Frontend • JavaScript • СМИ, Медиа и индустрия развлечений
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Greenlight is a social network for creators, influencers and entrepreneurs with large internet followings. Greenlight provides a place for these rising stars to socialize with one another, network and collaborate on projects, develop professional skills, and land sponsored content deals for their social channels. Greenlight was founded because the world is moving away from conventional advertising (slogans, stock photos/videos, spammy banner ads) to a world where you get honest product recommendations from creators and leaders whose opinions you actually trust. This industry is incredibly fragmented, lacking critical infrastructure to create a fair and transparent market for all participants. The industry also lacks a way to measure trust and authenticity within sponsored content. Greenlight is building a community for those trusted and authentic creators who will find themselves at the heart of the 21st century advertising economy.

We are a funded startup building the future of social media. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs with degrees from MIT, Harvard, and Babson. We have a geographically diverse team structure, with founders located within East and the West Coast startup hubs. Some employees are located in global hubs for tech outside the US and offshore applicants will be considered.

We are looking for a Senior Front End Software Engineer to join our team. The candidate will be working as part of our team driving, designing, creating and maintaining components of our IOS app, but experience with Android and web app frameworks like React/Vue/Flutter is a plus.

Our culture is at the core of everything we do. Focused on results, keeping our users first, we always work for better and always test, iterate and improve. We learn from our mistakes, direct and open feedback is at the core of our culture.

We are a funded startup, and we are scaling fast. If you want to learn, grow and deliver, if you are results-oriented, love teamwork, appreciate open communication, learning and iteration, and making decisions with data, come, join us!

We need people who love modern, responsive mobile app and web application designs. We're looking for innovative engineers who are passionate about writing code and unafraid of solving big problems in a fast-paced start-up environment. You will have the opportunity to impact the evolution of our apps and CRM features from the early days. You will get to do this from the comfort of your home with a flexible schedule, we are a global team.

We believe the role would place you in a highly-energized environment with some of the most hardworking creative individuals in the industry where you would be inspired to share your years of experience while finding ample opportunities to grow professionally. 



Senior Front-End Engineer - iOS


  • Provide senior-level proficiency in iOS development (Swift/ObjC/UIKit)
  • You will review other engineers’ code, as well as build directly with them in pair programming sessions.
  • Track progress of multiple project plans/Sprints.
  • Review project approach framework and designs with engineering staff and Product team, analyze the feasibility of the approach, and identify potential risks/issues.
  • Work with Product manager and UX team to assist and drive the “best in class”, intuitive, engaging and simple customer interaction.
  • Work with Product and Design teams to drive customer journey for mobile and web experience.
  • Participate in UX research and usability.
  • Assist in the hiring of the front-end engineering team, serve as a mentor for more junior members, and build a stable, inclusive engineering culture.
  • Your primary responsibility will be iOS, but you will be expected to be proficient in html/css should a project come up, and you will be expected to be able to become proficient quickly in front-end tools like React, and perhaps additional frameworks in the future.
  • You are not afraid to ask your teammates, or supervisors, what might be considered “stupid questions”. You are more afraid of wasting time searching for a solution that your teammates already know.


  • Bachelor’s degree and four or more years of work experience
  • Experience building products in agile style (SCRUM, Kanban, XP).
  • Three years writing code in a production environment
  • Two years overseeing other iOS engineers
  • One year writing production code for the same app
  • An understanding of web application development using frameworks such as React/Vue/Flutter/Angular
  • Experience with object-oriented programming, MVC and MVVM frameworks, consuming APIs, writing unit-tests (XCUI), code reviews, version control (git), CI/CD with tools like Travis or Jenkins


  • Experience in Full Stack development, structuring, storing and serving data from a backend server and as well as generating and consuming it via a front-end interface.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure/Google Cloud), DevOps pipelines.
  • Knowledge in architecting new applications, you should have opinions, informed by your professional experience, about software design patterns, how to balance extensibility/legibility/performance/delivery, when to refactor and how much test coverage is appropriate


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