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Миддл • Сеньор
Информационные технологии • Системное администрирование • Linux • SaaS/PaaS
21 ноября
Релокация • Работа в офисе
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Работодатель  Iponweb
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IPONWEB. Автоматизируем процесс показа рекламы с 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ года. Если вы сейчас видите рекламу, то, скорее всего, она монетизирована через нашу платформу. Можем предсказать вероятность вашего клика и покупки с помощью machine learning .

Формат работы: с 2021 года 1-2 дня в неделю из офиса, остальные дни можно из дома

Город и адрес офиса: Москва, м. Шаболовская, 3 мин от метро

Что для нас важно в кандидате: Понимание как устроен GNU/Linux, умение находить источник проблемы. Опыт применения Python для автоматизации процессов.

О вакансии: Управление инфраструктурой проектов, занимающихся обработкой данных; Автоматизация процессов написанием скриптов; Обслуживание запросов от внутренних и внешних клиентов; Решение рутинных технических проблем. Вся работа проводиться в облачных серверах

Стек: Puppet, Python, AWS, GCP, Hadoop, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Vault, GitLab

Телеграм Контакт для резюме:

Infrastructure Engineer - IPONWEB

Who we are and what we are doing?

We are a team of people who are in charge of GNU/Linux systems belonging to one of IPONWEB departments. There are a number of projects storing data, showing data and processing data for the sake of even better data. Our main responsibilities are creating, supporting and improving these projects from the side of the operating system. We like things being under control and operating automatically. That is why we need such things as Puppet, Python, AWS, GCP, Hadoop, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Vault, GitLab and other pokemons.

It has happened that one of us has gone to the matrix so we are in need of reinforcement.

Typical tasks:

  • Setup and maintain infrastructure of product using puppetized configurations, free or open source solutions, our private in-house software and cloud hosting environments
  • Investigate issues
  • Participate in the development of Puppet modules, deployment tools, monitoring tools and other automatization things
  • Learn and integrate modern technologies making both Ops and Developers lives easier
  • Provide GNU/Linux system expertise to developers. Participate in architecture development of new projects or their parts

Skills & Experience:


  • Experience in support of the GNU/Linux project 
  • Understanding of TCP/IP networking principles
  • Experience with scripting languages (preferably Python)
  • Decent communication skills
  • Decent English reading and writing skills
  • Ability to set priorities and to take responsibility

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Ubuntu/Debian distributions
  • Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP)
  • Experience with Puppet, Terraform

We offer you

  • An excellent career opportunity with a High Tech International company – One of the leading companies in the RTB and Programmatic Marketing Industry;
  • Open and approachable management team with a strong engineering DNA (80% of Moscow office - engineers, managers and executives have a technical background)
  • Many internal pathways for career development and professional growth, supported by a performance review system;
  • Respect for independent thought and freedom of actions;
  • Competitive salary and comfort;
  • Core office hours are 12-18, and outside of that you have full flexibility
  • An option to work remotely sometimes (VPN and other services for remote work are available);
  • Medical insurance;
  • Internal and external education program;
  • English courses compensation;
  • Relocation program from any region of Russia to the Moscow office;
  • Referral bonus system;
  • Fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, cookies and cakes, snacks and beverages at every coffee point and more.

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