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Senior/Middle Frontend DEV (vue.js)

Прямой работодатель  Xpeer GmbH ( xpeer.com )
Zug, Switzerland
Миддл • Сеньор
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Ruby • React • Vue.js • Nuxt.js • Ruby on Rails • Frontend • Ecommerce • SaaS/PaaS
26 октября 2020
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы более 5 лет
от 250 000 ₽
Работодатель  Xpeer GmbH
Описание вакансии

About us:

At Xpeer, we pride ourselves on creating the best software, working with outstanding people, and going above and beyond for our customers. We’re a Startup, focusing on building a great product for our first customers and trying to find out what's best for them. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We’re a company of action, full of triers and doers: we try things, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. Always in change and believing every idea deserves to be challenged and explored.

We are looking for a Frontend Developer to help craft the future of Xpeer! The ideal candidate has a real passion for their work, loves to learn and who would thrive in a "come-see-what-I-did" environment.

Send us details of your projects, let us see what you've done in the past. Then check out xpeer.com, tell us what you'd change or how you'd improve it.

So that’s us, now let’s talk about you!

About you:

  • You're very accustomed to JavaScript. You craft and comment your code, but also include a duck punch/hack when needed. You look forward to contributing to team discussions. We're continuously improving, and we want you to make your voice heard; whether it may be to use your favorite library or just your opinion on some Code during the review.
  • You love to learn as you go. You have an open mind and are able to pick things up quickly. If we decide to re-write something in a new technology, we want your support.
  • You have experience building API-driven apps.
  • You will work directly with the founders and a remote team of other devs and designers of a startup called xpeer and help us to build a next-generation review platform.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Experience with Vue.js (That’s what we use), React, or similar.
  • Experience with Vuex, Redux, or another Flux / state-management solution.
  • ES2015+
  • Knowledge of Nuxt.js / Next.js a huge plus
  • Performance Profiling and Optimization Strategies
  • Frontend Tooling (webpack, eslint, prettier, etc)
  • You're a wizard when it comes to browser DevTools and performance.
  • You're test-driven - writing tests isn't a chore for you.
  • Responsive SASS - We like to write mobile-first responsive (pre-processed) CSS. We hope you do too.

Show us what you got - Nothing speaks louder or shows us more about you than showing us examples of your work. If you think code should be written in isolation, with reusable components. You understand why BEM is a necessity and linting is a must then you need to apply to our job.

A breakdown of our stack:

  • We are writing native, lightweight Vue.js code and try to avoid components and plugins wherever possible.
  • Core product API is based on Ruby on Rails, deployed on Heroku
  • Transition to Nuxt.js will follow
  • Translation into multiple languages will follow
  • Designs, as well as components library, are on Figma, designers can be involved at any time to refine components and design specs

We will ask you to do a short assignment, which should not take longer than 2-4h during the interview process.

Sounds epic? Join the journey at Xpeer and send us your application!

Информационные технологииРазработкаRubyReactVue.jsNuxt.jsRuby on RailsFrontend
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