QA Automation Engineer

Прямой работодатель  Alemira
Moscow, Russia
Миддл • Сеньор
Информационные технологии • QA • Postman • Selenium • Auto • Образование
26 октября
Удаленная работа • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы от 3 до 5 лет
от 140 000 до 200 000 ₽
Работодатель  Alemira
Описание вакансии

At Alemira we are building a digital ecosystem for Active Learning. Alemira delivers active learning to transform passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery. Our offering — a cloud platform that will help universities and enterprises to improve their educational processes. We are a fast-growing EdTech startup. 

We are currently looking for a QA Automation Engineer, someone who can set up and maintain a highly automated QA process.

You will work on:

  • Designing test plans, creating test cases
  • Automating tests using test frameworks

You will be awesome at this role if you have:

  • 3+ years of software development and testing experience
  • Experience with test methodologies, writing test plans, creating test cases and debugging
  • Experience with the following coding languages: JavaScript, Python, Shell
  • Knowledge of test frameworks and tools like Selenium, WebdriverIO, Mocha and Cucumber

You will be even more awesome if you have:

  • Experience with containers and orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Docker), continuous integration and delivery tools (GitLab CI)
  • Familiarity with technologies such as distributed computing

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