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Full-stack Developer

Прямой работодатель  InsightWhale ( insightwhale.com )
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Fullstack • JavaScript • Python • PHP • SQL • Angular • AngularJS • React • Vue.js • jQuery • Data Analysis • WEB
25 сентября 2020
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 1 года до 3х лет
от 90 000 до 150 000 ₽
Работодатель  InsightWhale
Описание вакансии

Meet InsightWhale — a fully remote team of professionals helping businesses become data-driven all over the world. At InsightWhale, we provide Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Business Intelligence services to small and medium-sized businesses from States, Canada, Australia and other awesome English-speaking places.

Right now we're looking for a Full-stack Developer(Middle) who's ready to try something new and is excited to launch a career in data!

💻 Are you tired of a morning commute but not quite satisfied with any freelance options? 
👪 Do you enjoy a company of quick-witted individuals but also thrive without supervision?

 ❤️ Are you really-really passionate about what you do but also appreciate a good work/life balance?

If that sounds familiar you might just the perfect whale to join our happy pod :)

By working with us, you will:

  • Create in a friendly and positive work environment;
  • Get access to a corporate book library, training programs and refresher courses;
  • Join a strong, multifaceted team of professionals;
  • Practice your English while working with foreign clients;
  • Design, experiment and bring data-driven future to the masses!

Our developers in this position usually troubleshoot and set up different digital analytics, data visualization, A/B testing and business intelligence platforms, while also creating custom, cool & innovative data visualization apps.

Here is a rough list of weapons from your future toolkit: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Firebase, Amplitude, Visual Website Optimizer, PowerBI, Cube.js, D3.js, Metabase, Tableau, Google Data Studio.

Our stack: Java Script, JQuery, React/Angular, SQL, PHP/Pytnon, D3.js

What you'll do:

  • Set up above-said digital analytics, data visualization and A/B testing platforms.
  • Create data visualization SPA's in React or similar tools.
  • Write and implement code (mostly, JS), required for setups of the above-mentioned tools.
  • Troubleshoot previously set up platforms.
  • Troubleshoot data inconsistencies and discrepancies between different tools.
  • Document tool setup.
  • Regularly participate in team calls to discuss project status and brainstorm new solutions.
  • Occasionally participate in client calls to share expertise or provide technical details of a solution.

Additional perks you'll love:

  • Choice between a part-time or a full-time position;
  • Smooth step-by-step onboarding;
  • Shorter hours during your 3-month trial period;
  • Flexible working schedule that is actually flexible;
  • Freedom to choose any working location you desire;
  • Unrestricted chance to travel;
  • Good dollar-pegged salary;
  • Joining a cool modern company and doing what you love for a living.

If you're excited to meet us and know it in your heart to be your perfect position, apply without sparing a moment. Also, don't forget to mention some relevant experience and tell us why is it you'd like our job opening in your cover letter, Let the games begin! 😈

Информационные технологииРазработкаFullstackJavaScriptPythonPHPSQLAngularAngularJSReactVue.jsjQuery
Отрасль и сфера применения
Data AnalysisWEB
Уровень должности