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DevOps engineer

Прямой работодатель  Weigandt-Consulting ( www.weigandt-consulting.com )
Миддл • Сеньор
Информационные технологии • DevOps • Docker • Java • Kubernetes • Ecommerce • SaaS/PaaS • Системная интеграция
27 августа 2020

Опыт работы любой
Работодатель  Weigandt-Consulting
Описание вакансии

Our clients are large international retail companies with a very heterogeneous landscape. We help make a digital transformation by building a new ecosystem of modern cloud-based solutions and integrating them with ERP systems.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and improving our infrastructure products by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, creating high-quality infrastructure-as-a-code with the considerations of system performance, scalability, high availability, and security requirements. The infrastructure should provide the capability to deliver updates to various cloud servers with minimal downtime and maximal responsiveness and to be easily maintainable by operations, observable by engineers.


  • Expertise in Linux operating systems.
  • Experience with cloud providers.
  • Knowledge of Git, Bash, SSH.
  • Good knowledge of network stack, internet technologies, and concepts.
  • Experience of using infrastructure as code tools.
  • Experience with containerization platforms and container orchestration systems.
  • Experience with Configuration Management systems.
  • Experience in the administration of load balancers and web servers.
  • Experience in administration of SQL and NoSQL databases, in-memory data stores, message brokers.
  • Experience in administration of cluster and distributed file systems or storage.
  • Experience with managing CI/CD systems.
  • Experience with observability and monitoring tools (logging, tracing, metrics, alerts).

Nice to have:

  • Master's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Current understanding of best practices regarding system security.
  • Experience in high-load and large scale 24/7 environments.
  • Understanding of modern SRE practices.
  • Experience with server-side development.

Информационные технологииDevOpsDockerJavaKubernetes
Отрасль и сфера применения
EcommerceSaaS/PaaSСистемная интеграция
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