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DevOps Engineer

Прямой работодатель  Zen Rooms ( www.zenrooms.com )
Singapore, Singapore
Информационные технологии • DevOps • Ansible • Chef • Docker • Kubernetes • Puppet • AWS • Dev tools
3 августа 2020
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 1 года до 3х лет
от 270 000 до 335 000 ₽
Работодатель  Zen Rooms
Описание вакансии

Come Change the Travel Sector!

ZEN Rooms, one of the fastest-growing startups in Southeast Asia, is searching for a DevOps Engineer to expand its successful business.

About ZEN

We are an operating system for Southeast Asian budget & mid-range hotels. We allow our hotel clients to be more productive and competitive: increase revenue, optimize cost base, and increase guest trust & satisfaction. Through technological and operational solutions, we address the deep, widespread inefficiencies in the Southeast Asian budget & mid-range hospitality sector.

By helping Southeast Asian hotels operate more efficiently: better value-for-money and safer, ZEN contributes daily to democratizing travel in Southeast Asia. Millions of travelers looking for the best value-for-money stay at ZEN franchised or operated properties each year.

ZEN Group is backed by the #1 Korean travel group Yanolja (funded by Booking.com/Agoda) and a leading group of institutional technology investors including Rocket Internet (behind Lazada etc)

About the role:

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be working with best-in-class colleagues in a dynamic environment. If scale and speed of execution is exciting to you, if you are passionate about your craft and if you are striving to build systems that matter to millions of people around the world, ZEN Rooms will be the right place for you! Growing at an incredible pace we’re looking for sharp, passionate engineers that help us make our web platforms the best in the world.

Key responsibilities:

  • Educate engineers about DevOps culture and mentor them continuously to improve the process in the team
  • Maintain and improve Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Provide clear goals and detailed specification for new projects and services
  • Help teams create new monitoring dashboards and develop steps to oversee their progress
  • Check for security breaches and advocate for better security
  • Write code to provision and scale projects

About the requirements:

  • Several years of experience as a DevOps or Systems Engineer (2 years minimum)
  • Proven track record of successful systems projects
  • Strong understanding of network fundamentals and security concerns
  • Help develop/refactor the best possible continuous delivery/integration pipelines
  • You feel comfortable owning complex systems
  • Pragmatism


  • Puppet, Terraform, Ansible, etc
  • Grafana, Kibana, ElasticSearch
  • Running environment for Python, PHP, Golang
  • Experience with debugging tools like memstat, tcpdump, netstat, iostat, etc
  • Experience with building APIs and services using REST, SOAP, etc.

Technologies you will use and/or learn with our team:

  • Strong systems administration skills in Linux
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Cloud computing: AWS
  • Data collecting and processing: Kibana, Logstash, ElasticSearch
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Orchestration: K8S
  • Monitoring: NewRelic
  • Security as Code and all related tools
  • Understanding of the importance of smart metrics and alerting
  • Working in an agile environment using test-driven methodologies

Информационные технологииDevOpsAnsibleChefDockerKubernetesPuppetAWS
Отрасль и сфера применения
Dev tools
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