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Austin, Texas, USA
Аналитика, Data Science, Big Data • CRM • Data Analysis • Ecommerce • ERP • WEB • Консалтинг, профессиональные услуги
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Агентство  Iri R.
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Company: Deep Consulting Solutions

Remote Job 

Full Time 

Flexible schedule

Location: Anywhere in the World

Salary: 3000$ + Monthly Bonuses


Role and Responsibilities:

As the Business Analyst, you will hold a large responsibility over the client's business and their business model - and directing the improvements we make to it using our automation. Your primary goal will be to accomplish the client's results in the business (such as increased profitability, streamlined manufacturing process, lowered drop off rate, etc.) using our creative and tech resources and the methodologies that we have in place.

In doing so you will:

Deeply study and investigate the client's business - this will involve extensive interviews with the various members of the client's team, investigation of their records, analysis of the market and other things that relate to our client running their business and being successful with it.

Standartize, establish, and improve the business models and processes used to deliver the results in the business.

Document all your findings and structure them in an easily understandable format - and present it to the other members of the Deep Consulting Solutions team - setting the direction for the business automation.

Oversee the creation of automation and software solutions by the team.

Direct an effective implementation of automation into the client's business.

Monitor the results of our projects and seek continuous improvement of the business models and automations in place.

Do anything else you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


You must be:

A mature and responsible individual driven by results and not activities.

Willing to learn, grow, and admit mistakes.

Able to communicate with other people effectively.

Paying attention to details.

You must have the following skills/experience:

Very strong logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning skills.

Ability to discern confusing information and separate reality from false perception.

Excellent verbal and written English.

Abilty to formulate and present your thoughts effectively.

Various experience of working in real businesses.

The following will be a good plus:

Experience in working with business owners and executives in a consultative capacity.

Experience in sales, customer service, management, consulting - and any other work that involves dealing with people effectively.

Experience involving researching and analyzing a lot of different information.

​Experience with various business modeling notations, such as BPMN, etc.

Аналитика, Data Science, Big Data
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CRMData AnalysisEcommerceERPWEBКонсалтинг, профессиональные услуги
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