Senior backend developer

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Информационные технологии • Разработка • Go • Kotlin • Java • AWS • Медицина и фармацевтика
9 марта в 22:01
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Работодатель  Odoro Global
Описание вакансии

Odoro is looking for an experienced remote backend engineer to develop a set of patient engagement products (self-scheduling, intake and payment, reminders, workflow queues management for the clinics stuff).

S/he will be responsible for the strategy and development of the backend tools & systems that serve as the foundation for the platform.

We're looking for engineer who:

  • has 4+ years of experience.
  • understands OOP with Immutable Objects
  • expresses logic in functional way (like Java 8 streams)
  • prefers obvious code and doesn’t rely on framework’s “magic”
  • treats code as documentation and is ready to start solving task described as few paragraphs (or even sentences) in the Jira issue.
  • capable to work without manager hanging around

Even better if you:

  • have DevOps experience with AWS or similar cloud provider
  • name Go, or Kotlin, or Python as your first/second language of choice.

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