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Senior Java Developer/Java Tech Lead

$ 4000 - 7000
м. Героев Днепра
Полный рабочий день
Вакансия размещена 14 июня (обновлено 27 июня)
Are you ready to help one of the most experienced companies to build innovative and fast products?
Do you have a great passion for developing and willing to lead your team for success? Do you have open-mind and a desire to constantly evolve? Are you ready to get a 4000$ salary and more? Then just skip to requirements :)

About us
We are outsourcing company working with Israeli provider of best international projects. With the same enthusiasm, we are working on restructuring current projects and helping start-ups. The goal is to provide customers with platforms of a new level that ensures the speed and efficiency of work.

If you think you have a gap in recent technologies - we expect from you willing to explore, and we, from our side, will provide you the opportunity to do so.

We are expecting active participation in research, discussions, and decision-making on software architecture and internal code, visual, technological and other standards.
You will be at play with a complex and developing project consisting of hundreds of modules, make key decisions, contact directly to the customer and work with a team tailored specifically for you.

We have a wide variety of projects with a duration of at least six months.

Here's the description of the latest project:
'Focusing on private clouds for enterprises, the company is involved in designing and integrating cloud security architecture and concepts. Our solutions ensure the customer's data environment and sensitive information are professionally secured. The solution includes a comprehensive analysis of the customer's cloud infrastructure design and proposed solutions and integration for enhanced cloud defense. It also includes advanced cloud security policy validation execution and management.

Technology stack:
Kubernetes and its supplements, Spring (Boot, Data), ML frameworks, Vaadin, Prometheus, MariaDB, Elastic search'

Requirements for you:
  • Good communication skills and leadership qualities
  • Desire to grow and help other people to do the same
  • Focusing on high quality and clean code
  • 5+ years of the relevant experience with Java (+Spring), JavaScript, C++
  • 2+ years of experience on commercial projects

Offering from us:
  • Individual and personal development
  • Comfortable office, nice stuff
  • Opportunity to build a team just for yourself
  • Competitive wages
  • Pleasant Welcome pack
  • Dynamic growth map, we constantly offering new projects
  • You will love this job!

We are waiting for your brilliant CV and looking forward to meeting you!
Список тегов и необходимых технологий:
  • fulltime Полный рабочий день
  • Product/Project профессии: продакты, проджекты, продакт овнеры и др.
  • TOP vacancies профессии: вакансии high левела, директора, chief, руководители и др.
  • Team Lead Руководитель команды разработки
  • HTML/CSS язык программирования
  • Java язык программирования
  • Javascript язык программирования
  • C++ C++
  • MySQL База данных