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We're searching for a senior or middle-level designer to perform a Serokell website redesign. The position implies a temporary contract. You will work remotely and can start in June 2019.

Candidates need to demonstrate their skills in:

*  Understanding of UX & UI concepts
*  Typograph
*  Composition
*  Adobe's creative apps and other design software
*  Graphic Design
*  Branding

If you're interested, contact us via email: jobs@serokell.io.

Serokell has started with Haskell and now provides services in scientific research and engineering fields using functional programming languages.
Even though we are a young company, we have quite a few large-scale projects already.

Since our team works remotely, we have a diverse background and fast-moving environment, which makes our everyday communication and workflow creative and fun. In Serokell, there is a horizontal organizational structure and developers have a lot of autonomy.

Our employees work flexible hours in small, friendly teams and we abide by certain principles: as little bureaucracy as possible (no unnecessary meetings, super detailed reports, etc.), work/life balance, and continuous improvement.
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