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Algorithms engineer, Data Scientist

88.000 pуб.
м. Деловой центр
Полный рабочий день
Вакансия размещена 22 марта
Job Description

1、Optimizing and developing components of AE search engine;

2、Optimizing and developing recommendation algorithms;

3、Leverage other machine-learning models useful for international e-commerce platform.

We build an international team, and English is the business language in our Moscow office.

Job requirements

Preferred Qualifications

• Ability to implement, research and improve search and recommendations algorithms.

• Solid knowledge in ML theory, mathematical statistics, data mining.

• Experience with common data-processing engines and storages - Hadoop, Spark, and such.

​• Possess good communication, cooperation, planning, execution capacity, strong responsibility and excellent learning capability

• Able to communicate in English at work

Highly desirable skills (in one or more of the following areas)

• Experience with natural language processing technologies

• Experience with Deep learning

• Experience with Reinforcement learning

• Using real-time data for models retraining and inference

• Familiar with modern open-source ML tools, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Numpy and such.

• Programming skills with Java, Kotlin, or C++

• Understanding of GPGPU computation concepts

• Chinese language skills

Conditions and Benefits

• Work for one of world's biggest IT companies, in Russia, without cross-border relocation

• International, young, and very professional engineering team

• Comfortable office in Moscow City

• Competitive salary with yearly indexation and performance-based bonuses

• Mac or Windows laptop of your choise

• Corporate medical insurance

Список тегов и необходимых технологий:
  • fulltime Полный рабочий день
  • Data Science профессии: data scientist, data miner и т.д.
  • Development профессии: программисты, архитекторы, RND, тимлиды, руководители разработки и т.д.
  • C/C++ язык программирования
  • Java язык программирования
  • Kotlin язык программирования
  • Python язык программирования
  • Scala язык программирования
  • Cassandra База данных
  • MySQL База данных
  • Hadoop Hadoop