130.000 - 220.000 pуб.Удалённая работа
Вакансия размещена 19 июля (обновлено сегодня)

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Owns quality assurance processes across projects portfolio 
  • Develop test strategies and test cases, choose execution techniques (automation + manual) to eliminate time to market and operational cost 
  • Manage quality assurance within time driven projects without quality degradation 
  • Introduce best practices and tools to increase efficiency of QA: design, execution, results analysis, bugs/issues validation, reporting 
  • Planning and risk assessment in release quality 
  • Maintain test documents 

Required Skills and Experience 

  • 3+ years of hands on experience in quality control for multi component systems which in general can include: 
- hardware components (STM32, embedded Linux, etc.) 
- backend based on REST and microcontainers architecture patterns 
- data bases, data lakes and ETL tools (Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Mongo DB) 
- front end components (mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications) 
- knowledge Linux environment 
  • 2+ years of experience in product development projects with high level of uncertainty and agility, without product\project documentation 
  • Proven knowledge of QA methodologies, QA processes management tools, testing automation tools 
  • Proven experience of integration of CI/CD processed with regression test cycle 
  • Proven experience in test environment and builds/releases management with wide & daily usage of containers (Docker, Jenkins) 
  • Basic knowledge of programming 
  • JIRA/Confluence/AWS 

Required Soft Skills 

  • Result Oriented (where the Result = Project Success) 
  • Excellent communication skills, including ability to get crucial for success information from teammates (scope, change log, requirements, tools, etc.) 
  • Self-management skill 
  • Ability to defend point of view in arguments & facts-based manner 
  • Keenness for self-development and industry trends study & appliance in daily work  
  • Upper Intermediate English 
  • Higher technical education 
  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation 
Список тегов и необходимых технологий:
  • remote Удалённая работа
  • QA / Testing профессии: QA, тестировщики, автоматизаторы, ручные, TestOps и др.
  • PostgreSQL База данных
  • Hadoop Hadoop

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