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Вакансия размещена 10 сентября 2015 (обновлено 13 декабря 2017)

Have you ever thought, "Hey, that software would be great if it just had a nice web-based user interface!"? If so, then you should consider applying for this job. We are looking for a software developer who loves to develop web-based user interfaces for applications. In this role you will be working within international teams which produce demanding products for mission-critical IT systems.

Do you care about Open Source and strive for great code? We do! We are passionate about Open Source and quality products, and if you feel the same, then we should talk.

What you will be working on:

You will work on SUSE High Availability Extension for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and more specifically, on our system tool named HAWK. HAWK is a web interface for managing a high availability cluster. It is developed as a Ruby on Rails application which makes use of low-level system administration tools to perform management tasks. Together with other colleagues assigned to this project, you will design and develop a modern, state of the art, web interface.

But this is not limited to HAWK. Depending on your flexibility, you can also contribute to other web-based tools created at SUSE, including our SUSE Enterprise Storage product which also has web-based application components.

What we expect: 

We are passionate about Open Source software and we are especially passionate about great quality Linux software. If you are also engaged and strive to excel in what you do, we would like to talk to you. In order to be able to accomplish your tasks you will need a good understanding of concurrent development principles for web based applications. You should have already done some development projects with Ruby on Rails, ideally as a full-time employee on a similar project. A good overview of a Linux System and its components is very helpful. All other expertise around web interface development, like on JavaScript, REST-APIs, etc., are considered a plus.

Because we are truly international in culture and focus, good English language skills are required to ensure successful communication. You also need to be open to collaborate with professionals from all over the world to form productive teams and produce code you can be proud of. If you are already familiar with Agile methodologies in project management, you'll feel at home pretty soon.

Список тегов и необходимых технологий:
  • remote Удалённая работа