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Управление продуктом и проектами • Project management
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На данный момент Project Manager.

Мои компетенции и опыт

Skilled Technical Project Manager with 3 years of experience in IT project management and more than 6 years IT sphere. Successfully led a 10-member team, ensuring efficient processes and project delivery in time. Proficient in communication, task and delivery management, SDLC and basic UI/UX principles. Leading development of all-Russian CRM system for "Rostelecom".


> People Management: Managing and coordinating a cross-functional development team, conducting interviews, onboarding new employees, building employee development plans, building work processes.

> Project Management: Requirements analysis, defining product functionality, planning and estimating time and effort, and project delivery management.

> Technical Analysis and Task Management: Technical analytics, creating and managing tasks for backend, frontend, and QA, as well as continuous technical improvement of the product.

> Communication: Daily interaction with analysts and business owner, conducting regular meetings and one-on-one sessions, as well as consulting business clients on technical matters.

> Documentation and Architecture: Creating and managing documentation in Confluence, designing database structures, and REST API methods.

> Technical Skills: Experience with Jira and Confluence management, basic knowledge of SQL, Active Record, CSS, HTML, as well as experience with various technologies such as OpenShift, Grafana, Graylog, Sentry, Sidekiq and Git.

> English - В1 (Intermediate)

Work Experience

Rostelecom IT ( нужен доступ к резюме ) is the largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions in Russia

Technical Project manager / August нужен доступ к резюме Present

Project Summary:

Built an all-Russian CRM system for Rostelecom employees, serving leads, SMB clients and government procurement. Handles нужен доступ к резюме k monthly entities from external sources with 3000 users nationwide. Main focus on lead procurement processing with additional features like data transfer, Excel reports and sales pipeline visualization. Utilized Ruby on Rails, Phoenix (Elixir), React, PostgreSQL, GitLab, Sidekiq, Grafana. Presentation for web + adaptive + PWA.


  1. Managed a 10-member development team comprising back-end, front-end, and QA specialists, ensuring daily coordination with analysts and business owner.
  2. Oversaw task creation, distribution, and deadline enforcement, holding regular meetings including daily stand-ups, weekly progress reviews, and retrospectives.
  3. Conducted one-on-one meetings with team members to address individual needs and provided support.
  4. People management and managed financial inquiries to ensure smooth team operations.
  5. Built and optimized work processes to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  6. Analyzed technical requirements and managed task allocation across backend, frontend, and QA teams.
  7. Collaborated with business stakeholders to define product features and enhancements, ensuring alignment with business objectives.
  8. Continuously moderated and improved product technical aspects to enhance performance and scalability.
  9. Estimated time and labor costs, prioritized features, and planned project deliverables to meet business goals.
  10. Managed project delivery, created and maintained documentation in Confluence, and provided technical consultation to business customers.
  11. Designed database structures and REST API methods, shaping the technical architecture of the service.

Rostelecom IT

Lead QA Engineer / December нужен доступ к резюме August 2021

I started a new project from zero and led it to the first release and after. I also set up testing processes, introduced new QA engineers to the project, interviewed and mentored them. 

  1. Back and front separate testing (web)
  2. Checking the accuracy of API documentation
  3. Integration testing
  4. Working with DevTools
  5. Traffic sniffing with Mitmproxy and Charles
  6. Logs searching (GrayLog, Grafana)
  7. Creating bugs in Jira and the fixing process control
  8. Organization and maintenance of test documentation

SimbirSoft Company ( нужен доступ к резюме ) is a global IT outsourcing service provider 

QA Engineer / July нужен доступ к резюме November 2019 

  1. API testing (Postman)
  2. Mobile app testing (android and iPhone with Charles, Fiddler и 3uTools) 
  3. Bug localization, creation in a tracker and fix process control
  4. Maintaining test documentation
  5. Functional testing
  6. Smoke and regression testing
  7. Working with database (with DBeaver)

Eqvanta ( нужен доступ к резюме ) is an international group of companies in the alternative finance and financial technology sector

QA Engineer / February нужен доступ к резюме June 2019

  1. Creating and updating of test documentation (checklists, test cases) - Testing project requirements
  2. Functional testing
  3. Bug localization
  4. Creating bugs in Jira and the fixing process control
  5. Writing tests for autotesters

Ecwid by Lightspeed ( нужен доступ к резюме ) is a shopping cart that allows anyone to easily create online store and sell everywhere from Facebook to mobile

Technical Support Engineer / November нужен доступ к резюме December 2018 

  1. Customer assistance
  2. Basic bug localization
  3. Creating bugs in a tracker and fix process control

Управление продуктом и проектамиProject management
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