Frontend developer

Givatayim, Israel
Джуниор • Миддл
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Frontend • JavaScript • Node.js • TypeScript • React • CSS • HTML • Pug • PostCSS • SCSS • SASS
Удаленная работа
Опыт работы от 1 года до 3х лет
от 1 500 до 2 000 $
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О себе

На данный момент Frontend developer.

Мои компетенции и опыт

 My experience and skills include:

- Developing web projects using HTML/PUG, CSS/SCSS, and the BEM methodology.

- Proficiency in Git and Github for version control and collaboration.

- Experience with project bundlers like webpack and gulp.

- Designing interfaces using the Figma graphic tool.

- Familiarity with various plugins and libraries such as нужен доступ к резюме , нужен доступ к резюме , Yandex Maps API, and jQuery.


Additionally, I possess the following skills:

- Profound understanding and utilization of CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid to create flexible and responsive layouts.

- Creating engaging animations using CSS Animations, CSS Transitions, and other tools.

- Developing responsive websites that ensure optimal display across different devices.

- Applying automation to development processes using tools like Gulp, Grunt, or Webpack.

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