продукт менеджер / бизнес аналист

Москва, Россия
Управление продуктом и проектами
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от 4 000 до 5 000 ₽

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Текущий статус/должность: Product manager.

Мои компетенции и опыт

I think that I could become an excellent part of your team and help the company reach a new achievements, because I have years of professional experience as a Product and Project manager in IT products and as a Business/system analyst . My experience including the experience in the biggest Russian/international companies. I have expertise in:

- Ability to create value for clients (customers) - to form a product development strategy, backlog.

- Ability to plan: allocate resources and tasks, form roadmaps.

- I can estimate the labor costs for solving the problem.

- I am good at communication.

- I can write product documentation.

- I can use tools that help implement the above: JIRA, Confluence, MIRO, MS Office, gitlab, trello, etc.


I would like to pay your attention to the fact that I am currently based in Russia, but I am in the process of obtaining a UK visa that gives me the right to work in the UK and Europe. Therefore, I will be ready to consider options both with a full relocation and temporary remote cooperation.




Кандидат ищет работу анонимно

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Управление продуктом и проектами
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Есть файл резюме (защищен)
Кандидат ищет работу анонимно
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