CMO/Head of e-com/CCO

Roma, Italy
Директор • VP
Маркетинг и PR • ASO • CRM • Context • E-mail (Direct) • Programmatic • PPC • SEO • SEM • User Acquisition • Growth • Media Planner • Media Buyer • SMM/ Community • Вирусный маркетинг • Контент маркетинг • Маркетинговые исследования • Affiliate / Партнерский маркетинг • Программы лояльности • Спецпроекты
Релокация • Удаленная работа • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы более 5 лет
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На данный момент Head of marketing.

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Skilled Marketing & E-commerce manager (Real Estate, Banking). Expert in marketing performance, creating online sales channels from the scratch and managing their effectiveness through end-to-end analytics. Project and team leader with data-driven approach

05/ нужен доступ к резюме /2022

Run the company’s marketing for 2 markets – Russia & Philippines

Budget in management is about $ 1,65M

Develop and implement marketing strategies. Create new creative concepts

Lead the production, plan and budget campaigns. Coordinate the performance

Lead PR campaigns

Manage website, the conversion funnel and cost-effectiveness


Formed and enlarged Marketing department from 5 to 20 employees

Increased product redemption х3.

Provided x3.5 growth of product sale appeals

Entered new market - Philippines. Hired local English-speaking team. Created the

communication strategy. Developed campaigns for FB, Google, Twitter, Tiktok, classifieds. Arranged marketing processes - ongoing a/b tests, creative production, email marketing, site management, etc. As a result, increased product listing referrals x3 in 6 months. Enlarged the number of product sales requests x10 a year. Product budget $100K+

09/ нужен доступ к резюме /2021

Key role of the position is to manage and develop the Bank's online sales channels. Run a team of 20 (incl. Development). Marketing management by data-driven approach & HADI cycles. The yearly budget in management is up to $ 16,3M.

Online sales:

Lead sales in the Digital channel, search for new channels to attract customers

Managed the Contribution margin of online sales channels

Sales Funnel Management > improved efficiency at every stage


Developed and implemented the marketing strategy

Deployed the number of marketing and advertising campaigns incl. customer

segmentation, creating and testing hypothesis

End-to-end Analytics:

Created P&L of the channel from the scratch

Run market analysis, competitive benchmarks, internet analytics, analysis of

financial results by product and campaign

Project management:

Implemented Loans delivering via online banking

Delivered end-to-end project Digital portfolio aimed to motivate the retail employees

to promote digital services to customers

Conducted client base activation campaigns (email, push) aimed to provide client

application installation growth

Site management нужен доступ к резюме :

Website support and development: created a mobile version, organized A/B

tests, SEO optimization, provided conversion rate increase

Integrated the site with the Bank's internal systems

Content management & personalization (Flocktory collaboration)


Provided online channel sales share growth from 7% to 50%

The channel's profit share in the Bank's total P&L is more than 40%

25% of all loans are delivered via online banking

Reduced CPA (Cost of Attraction) x2 in 5 years

The share of active app users is 60% of the client base

The margin of a loan issued online is x10 higher than CPA

09/ нужен доступ к резюме /2015


Online sales:

• Sales funnel management – responsible for the conversion rates growth at all

levels of the funnel


Developed the digital strategy

Run all the processes of Digital marketing performance: planning, analyzing the

results of advertising campaigns, lead generation, budgeting

Managed contextual, targeted, display, and mobile ad campaigns

Market analysis & benchmarks

Site management and application processing in the CC:

Supported the corporate site: regular information updates, post-click analysis, correction of the data entry algorithm, hints, field structure, creation of diversified visualizations of the questionnaires for the user's request
Controlled request processing by Call center, solving IT issues


Reached the online sales share of credit products 30%

Managed a budget over $ 8,14M

Provided deposit growth x5 with the only source - digital marketing

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