Senior Analyst, Head of Analytics

Москва, Россия
Сеньор • Руководитель отдела/подразделения • Архитектор • Консультант
Аналитика, Data Science, Big Data • PowerBI • Tableau • Amplitude • AppMetrika • Adjust • Firebase • Flurry • Google Tag Manager • Google Analytics • Яндекс.Метрика • Аналитик • Инженер • Менеджер • Разработчик • Data Science • Marketing аналитика • Product аналитика • RND • UX аналитика • Web аналитика • Клиентская/CRM аналитика • Операционный анализ • Python • SQL • DAX • Azure SQL • ClickHouse • Google BigQuery • MySQL • Biometric • Blockchain • CRM • Data Analysis • Ecommerce • Embeded • ERP • FMCG/Потребительские товары • Gamedev • Hardware • IoT/IIoT • Natural Language Processing (NLP) • SaaS/PaaS • SmartTV • Voice assistants • VR/AR • WEB • Заказная разработка • Киберспорт • Консалтинг, профессиональные услуги • Культура и искусство • Логистика и транспорт • Медицина и фармацевтика • Наука • Образование
Релокация • Удаленная работа • Частичная занятость • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы от 3 до 5 лет
от 170 000 до 200 000 ₽
О себе

На данный момент Senior Analyst, Head of Analytics.

Мои компетенции и опыт

Head of Analytics (CV Eng)


  • Marketing, Advertising, PR
  • IT, Internet, Multimedia
  • Art, Entertainment, Media

Employment: full time

Work schedule: remote working, full day

Work experience 3 years 9 months

une 2020 — august 2020

3 months

Confidencial (fintech crypto)


Lead Analyst

Python scripts, ssh, Linux-MacOS
ETL (Airflow, DAGs)

Stack Overflow нужен доступ к резюме

February 2019 — july 2019

6 months

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Moscow, нужен доступ к резюме

Head of Analytics Department

Planning,implementing, uploading data to Cloud Data Warehouse (Azure)
Participation in meetings of management and owner of the company , business growth hacking - proposals for business development to the owner and top management of the company.
Creation of an automated system of management and production reporting
Preparation of reports on branches in different cities
The creation of an automated media planning
Visualize data in Power BI
Interaction with CRM, Sales, Call center,Marketing, Production, IT, Web development departments
Control access analytical system: issuance , closure of the accesses, the accesses in the audit of the analytical system
Auditing tracking settings on projects
Team selection in the analytical Department
Conducting interviews
Creating and maintaining a RoadMap of the division
Implementation of flexible working methods of the Department
Setup of expenses and revenues loading into analytical systems
Work with a large number of advertising services.
DMP (data measurement protocol)
Writing TK back-end,front-end developers and CRM Department
Setting up goals and events tracking, working in GTM
Setting up Analytics counters ( нужен доступ к резюме ics, нужен доступ к резюме , ROIstat)
Optimization-conducting A/B tests
Optimization of processes, advertising and analytical expenses of the company
Working with amoCRM data
Participation in the industry conference as a speaker for 50+ people from the repair and advertising industries. Preparation of materials for speech and presentation.

Search the analyst (junior) in submission - looked through more than 1000 candidates, invited to communicate 100 , held 4 interviews,1 repeated interview in tandem with the marketing Director and the business owner, 1 made the offer brought to the accepted offer. And all this - for the may holidays.

October 2018 — july 2019

10 months

VIM division

Russia, нужен доступ к резюме

Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, нужен доступ к резюме Show more

Head of Analytics Department

Reason for leaving: the agency is small, it depended heavily on the size of the marketing budgets of the clients, which were cut due to increased taxes. I can provide recommendations and a telephone number from the last director for professional qualities.

Setting up analytics systems for agency clients
 Integration with call tracking systems and automation systems
 Work with GTM, install pixels on client sites, install
goals and events
 Integration of advertising spaces (Direct, Adwords, facebook) into
online report and daily budget control
 Preparing daily statistics on the KPI for clients and monitoring
performing KPIs broken down by advertising campaigns
 Preparation of monthly reports on the effectiveness of advertising
campaigns on approved form for agency clients
 Development and implementation of end-to-end analytics system from first-click
before selling, maintaining its efficiency and eliminating
 Attracting third-party contractors as needed and working with them
 Development and implementation of an automated online system
reporting on agency clients. Maintenance
health and troubleshooting
 Monthly monitoring of new products in the field of analytics and
property promotion
 Collect project analytics and suggestions for improvement
operating RK

 Institution of new customers in tracking systems, adjustment
settings based on TK from account managers. Integration
tracking systems with other systems, troubleshooting
 Management of current projects, daily maintenance of current
campaigns media planning
 Data visualization, presentation writing
 Participation in tenders
 Strategic and tactical media planning, management
efficiency and development of projects, proposals for
 Search for quality and convertible traffic based on
ongoing campaigns and performance

February 2018 — august 2018

7 months

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Moscow, нужен доступ к резюме

Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, нужен доступ к резюме Show more


Designed and built end-to-end analytics for the agency's internal project.
Technical tracking settings (writing TK, interacting with programmers)
Visualization of data, writing presentations and insights on the results of the agency's investors. (more simply, answered questions - "why so, and not so", "why it happened", "how to make it happen," etc.)
Writing of regular and specialized reports, introduction of automated reporting
Work with agency clients and subclients.
Conducting A / B and multivariate tests.
Advising on UX and UI, including - on the basis of statistical data.
Consulting on the design of web projects.
Work with statistics only on a foreign audience. (EU and Southeast Asian countries)

Web analytics services (not on the flow) to 2-3 clients and major leaders of their business segment. (International)

Reason for leaving: a new CEO came and brought his team.

July 2017 — september 2017

3 months


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Financial нужен доступ к резюме Show more


Preparation and implementation of BIGDATA systems (storage, visualization systems).
Preparation, automation and systematization of marketing reporting in different sections.
Communication with external contractors on visualization, analytics and data collection.
Writing technical tasks for programmers.
Audit and adjustment of the current settings of web-based analytics systems.

Reason for leaving: End of project. I left myself.

October 2015 — july 2016

10 months

WebProfiters (iContext Group)

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Compilation and visualization of reports (Excel - graphics, tables, Word, Ppt) on Internet advertising, based on information provided by Google Analytics, нужен доступ к резюме , Google Adwords and нужен доступ к резюме . Reporting by contextual, media, organic, search, mobile, cpa advertising. Weekly, monthly assessment.

Compiled reports for online stores; Collection of the database for competitive market analysis; selection of SL at the request of "Wordstat" and special. seo resources; Methodology, calculation, customer segments formation and conclusions (RFM analysis), site map (tourist site for foreigners).

On the instructions of the company's management, carried out the largest independent research of the system of colltracking in the market, which covers all key players of the market of colltracking, and it will be useful for entrepreneurs, managers and management of advertising agencies.

Compiled analytical / overview reports on the effectiveness of various services, for example - Flurry, Usabilla.

I am able to work in the system of teamwork and setting tasks for Basecamp projects.

Google Analytics Specialist Certificate (GAIQ)

Reason for leaving: it was not possible to get money growth, with a very small salary, it was difficult to live.

January 2014 — december 2014

1 year

Fashion production (FashionTV Russia)


Advertising and PR Manager

- Advising management on the effectiveness of SMM;
- Forming a strategy for promotion in social networks, identifying channels for promotion in social networks, marketing plan in SMM topics;
- Consultation and formation of the estimated budget for SMM;
- Planning the release schedule, identifying topics, selecting and creating unique publications, publishing advertising, informative and entertainment posts;

Reason for leaving: it was not possible to get money growth, with a very small salary, it was difficult to live.


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