Business Development Manager

Moscow, Russia
Релокация • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы более 5 лет
О себе

На данный момент Senior Specialist.

Мои компетенции и опыт

  • Manager with over 9 years of experience in B2B sales and business development (Direct sale /Post sale).
  • Sales manager with a high-level of business acumen who is capable to deliver results in a VUCA environment.
  • Business Development Manager moved by ambitious goals and effective in negotiation at the chief executives’ level.
  • Professional effective in multicultural environments and sales including international companies (India, Israel, England).
  • Project manager with diverse background and ability to deliver the projects on time and on budget.
  • KAM focused on improving revenue, rising turnover, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Team-player with proven organizational and multitasking skills, as well as a creative approach to problem solving.
  • Expert with deep knowledge in telecom services’ product range (landline and mobile communication) and in IT-decisions and Vas Added Services (CDN, Virtual Data Center, Business cloud, IoT, BigData etc.).

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