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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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На данный момент Lead group of project.

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Manulife insurence company.
Asia department Senior product, visual design(2018 - now)

Role: Brand stratigy and Concept level new product company. Design system and brand GUI. Art- directoring Agent group progect, Visual concent and customer web site. User testing new functionality and concept level. Work close with dev. team and product management, analytic department and global office for brand system.

Contractor Digital Art-Director, UX-UI Designer. Product designer Nimd startup.
Oddity studio (Hong Kong) and ets.(2016-2018)

Role: Focus for brend concept, high level concept brand stratigy product, design UX/UI level for digital, creative user flow, prototype, visual concept level, participate in the creation of new branding. Art- directoring team

Havas Advertorial agency
Digital Art-Director Production Department(2014-2016)

Role: Art-Direction all digital projects, management team, communications with stakeholder and dev.team.

Freelance Digital Art-Director, UX-UI Designer


Role: Creating Digital Design, UX-UI with Creative agencies and startups,
Design studios in Russian and Europe.

“Republic” Russian independent online media Digital designer

Role: Creating all digital platform and app, communications with management, dev team, management external designer

“Сreative people” design studio Web Designer, visual design(2009-2010)

Role: Creative digital design, brending

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