Project Manager / Technical Project Manager

Saint-Peterburg, Russia
Управление продуктом и проектами • Project management • Управление процессами • Управление разработкой • Blockchain • CRM • Computer Vision • Dev tools • Desktop • Data Analysis • Gamedev • IoT/IIoT • ML/AI • VR/AR • WEB • Платежные технологии
Релокация • Удаленная работа • Частичная занятость • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы более 5 лет
120 000 ₽
О себе

На данный момент Project Manager / Technical Project Manager.

Мои компетенции и опыт

I have been working on commercial IT products in Norway, USA and Russia for the last 7 years mostly as a developer and project manager. I have worked closely with and managed international interdisciplinary teams of various sizes in order to ensure long-lasting success of whatever I was working on. At the same time I have spent plenty of time doing direct sales to heads of different departments, customer development and problem interviews with existing or potential end-users.

Commercial projects I have worked on can be split in three spheres:

  • Optimization of business processes - several products are used in different high-end hotels in USA on a daily basis;
  • Gamification and Game Design - I have won several hackathons and implemented gamification ideas into e-learning systems;
  • Mobile App Promotion - I have worked for two years on a platform for ASO analysis and mobile app promotion called CheckASO where I had to take upon myself several roles such as teamlead, project manager and product owner depending on a stage the project was in.

My technical background helps me effortlessly translate business requirements into terms of reference and my soft skills help me communicate clearly with stakeholders.

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