Chief Technology Officer / Технический директор

Москва, Россия
Руководитель отдела/подразделения • Директор • VP • Архитектор • Консультант
Информационные технологии • Разработка • Backend • Fullstack • C# • Go • Java • JavaScript • Kotlin • Node.js • Objective-C • Python • PHP • Swift • TypeScript • ASP.NET Core • SignalR • Angular • React • Vue.js • Grails • Spring • Android • Flutter • iOS • Nuxt.js • Laravel • Symfony • Django • Flask • Cassandra • ClickHouse • Hive • MongoDB • MSSQL • PostgreSQL • Redis • Spark • Apache Spark • Hadoop • Amazon S3 • OpenStack
Релокация • Удаленная работа • Частичная занятость • Работа в офисе
Опыт работы более 5 лет
600 000 ₽
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О себе

На данный момент Chief Technology Officer / Технический директор.

Мои компетенции и опыт

MTS Group; Chief Technology Officer

April 2021 — currently 

  • Managed a department of 40+ people
  • Strategically planned product improvement based on business needs.
  • Regulated development processes and risk management.
  • Optimized current IT operational planning procedures.
  • Maintained and enhanced the efficiency of working practices, predicted deviations and took timely measures to eliminate them.
  • Planned, formed and optimized budget.


  • The team has grown from 10 people to 40.
  • Developed MVP and introduced for alpha-testing and further release into production.
  • Advanced the processes of task setting, development and testing, which led to a predictable time-to-market: once every fortnight.
  • Simplified procedures throughout the company to get servers that required a lot of extra work.

Technology Stack:

Kotlin, Ktor, Koin, Python, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Redis, Envoy, gRPC, Kubernetes, HashiStack (Consul, Vault, Terraform), Jaeger, Grafana, Prometheus etc.

SimpleFinance Group; Chief Technology Officer

September 2021 — April 2022

At the time of the ruble's fall, the company cut costs and laid off 30 people. Including me :(


  • Developed fintech platform for SMB from scratch and introduced to Russian market.
  • Migrated users from legacy platform.
  • Moved the company's financial services (e-commerce loans, bank guarantees, ) from a manual format to an automated one to SF Platform.
  • Introduced the practice of DocOps. Integrated MkDocs for knowledge base and part of the technical documentation of products.
  • Led the integration with Metallinvestbank, SBI Bank, ModulBank, Absolut Bank, DeloBank and Tochka.

Technology Stack:

C# core, Golang, Angular, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch, HashiStack (Nomad, Consul, Vault, Terraform), Nexus Repo, Nessus, ClamAV, Jaeger, ELK, LINSTOR, MinIO, Akamai etc.


Digital Horizon VC; Chief Technology Officer at нужен доступ к резюме and нужен доступ к резюме

October 2020 — September 2021


  • Recruited and created an IT department from scratch.
  • Introduced product нужен доступ к резюме to Russian market.
  • Advanced the processes of task setting, development and testing, which led to a predictable time-to-market: once every fortnight.
  • Transferred outsourcing project to in-house development.
  • Led the integration and launch of the pilot product with MTS, Alfa-Bank, ModulBank, Tochka and Vitamin.
  • Started development and introduced product нужен доступ к резюме to UK market.

Technology Stack:

Python, Angular, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, EFK, React, AWS etc.


SberZvuk; Chief Technology Officer

July 2017 — January 2021


  • Implemented ELK + Filebeat for centralized log storage with aggregation and search, which has reduced monetary losses twice.
  • Formed and changed development methodologies in teams for predictable product releases: time-to-market was halved.
  • Effectuated a system of automatic parallel testing on a variety of physical devices, which has expedited regression testing thrice. 
  • Established and justified the need for Zvuk's reconstruction, which has increased the bandwidth from 250 to 1000 RPS.
  • Utilized the best practices from the Information Security field in company's work processes.
  • Introduced the practice of unit tests, documentation and closing of technical debts, which has reduced the testing time and the number of bugs per task by half.
  • Participated in and supported the transaction and promotion of the product from the technical side to SberBank.

Technology Stack:

Python, Golang, React, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ClickHouse, MongoDB, ELK, Hadoop stack (Kafka, Spark, Hive, HDFS), Redis, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, нужен доступ к резюме etc.


MTS Group; Head of Mobile Apps

May 2016 — July 2017


  • Transferred in-house outsourcing project and managed the further development of the MyMTS loyalty service. Increased the performance of the service: solely built processes, which have allowed the system to implement 20+ integrations and aggregate data by subscribers. The service is visited by more than 4 million users daily. Supervised the replication of the service to the CIS countries.
  • Led the development, launch and improvement of telemedicine service SmartMed, streaming service MTS Music with Yandex, electronic library MTS Books with Litres, antivirus for mobile with Kaspersky.

Technology Stack:

Java, PHP, C#, нужен доступ к резюме , Java/Kotlin, Obj-c/Swift, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Transact-SQL, MS SQL etc.


A1-Systems; Project Manager

September 2012 — May 2016


  • Directed a marketing platform that serves around 400 million subscribers to the main four mobile operators in Russia. This platform was designed for installing/updating/deleting applet solutions for OTA, configuring files and SIM card systems for OTA, conducting SMS/DSTK-push mailings.
  • Managed the implementation of OTA campaigns to the base of about 30 million subscribers for the installation of an applet solution through vendors from factories in MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Tele2.
  • Administered an applet solution in QIWI terminals for the main four mobile operating networks in Russia.

Technology Stack:

PHP, Java, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, JavaCard etc.

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