Project manager, Team lead, web developer

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Evgeniy Glotov(зарегистрирован 19 марта 2015 в 14:20)
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Более 9 лет
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Project manager, Team lead, web developer
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Open to offers and relocation. You can find my full resume on LinkedIn. Exported version is attached to this profile.
Рассматриваю предложения с зарплатой от:
150 тыс. руб. в месяц
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Россия, Санкт-Петербург (готов к переезду)
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Goal: to join a team in pursuit of excellence. 

- Expertise: 12 years in IT development and management.
- Leadership skills: full process in web software development, project management, resource planning.
- Mentoring: scrum master, management of distributed development teams.
- Technologies: PHP+MySQL and related.
- Basic knowledge: front-end design and prototyping, back-end architecture, mobile application designs, web games development.
- Public relations: presentation of ideas and releases to clients and investors, participation in conferences and seminars.
- Teaching and learning skills: experience in organising and development of training centre and multi-level courses.
- Troubleshooting: conflict resolutions, keen on solving problems and creating problem prevention.

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