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GORA Group is a team of marketing, creative and financial professionals in the eCommerce space dedicated to launching and scaling supplement brands to full specter well-known brands.

Our group of companies are specializing in the following areas:

1. Launching and scaling brands on Amazon

2. In depth Amazon brand valuation services for VC funds and private investors

3. End-to-end fulfillment and product sourcing

4. End-to-end Marketing Agency for eCommerce brands

GORA Group has a unique combination of in-depth marketing, financial and management experts which creates a synergy that allows GORA Group to rapidly scale its business while effectively managing the group of companies.

In 12 months our team was able to go from $36,000 to $680,000 monthly revenue (as of March 8 2022) across four business units, which is a multiple of 18x. 90% of the revenue comes from the 6 supplements brands that GORA owns.

Our strategy is to aggressively win the market share through providing premium quality, unique design and implementing creative low-cost / high value-add marketing strategies that make products stand out and go viral.

GORA Group was established in 2021 by its 3 partners when they decided to merge forces and combine over 15 years of experience in marketing, finance and business operations.

At present GORA group is working towards preparing the team and the group as a whole to raise $20 mm round for its investment fund that it will utilize though buying existing Amazon and eCommerce brands with $2 mm to $5 mm in revenue to win more market share and widen geographical presence with a 3-5 year exit strategy.