RefleXion Medical


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Based in the San Francisco Bay area, RefleXion Medical is developing the first biology-guided radiation therapy (BgRT) system for treating metastatic cancer. By uniquely leveraging Positron Emission Tomography (PET), RefleXion's patented technology uses signals that are continuously emitted from the tumor itself to guide the treatment beam, enabling the systemic treatment of multiple moving tumors in the body with ablative radiotherapy.

RefleXion is a fast-paced and unconstrained start-up environment looking for people who are energized by wide-open problems. We seek individuals with the foresight and experience to avoid most roadblocks, the drive and creativity to find a timely path around most others, and the character and humility to accept and learn from the remainder. RefleXion believes in the power of small multi-disciplinary teams, who will pull in ideas from any quarter to solve a problem, and provide help to any quarter when needs arise.

Our position is based in a new St. Petersburg, Russia location.