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Acquisition of software developers & IT managers for international technology companies

We are a recruitment agency specializing in information technology that provides talent acquisition services for international technology companies. Since 2017 we have been recruiting software developers and IT managers from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus for startups and large corporations in the EU, USA, and APAC regions.



We know the domain to assess engineers' expertise and determine whether they are suitable for the job. We value not only their technical skills, but also their English language fluency motivation, and soft skills.

Geography reach

We know the CIS market. Have a vast network of talented developers and engineers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine who speak English and are willing to relocate or work remotely in an international team.


We improve and modify our operations to meet client goals and expectations in real-time, and are always open to changes and challenges. We adapt our workflow to the client's processes. Furthermore, we are ready to work 24/7 if the project is urgent.


We are open and honest with our clients and candidates. Always give feedback. Never hide problems and, in each case, discuss risks. Keep our word.