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Who we are is a global same-day delivery service founded in Russia with offices and operations in 10 countries. 

What we are doing

We deliver unparalleled convenience to businesses and people, all the meanwhile creating millions of self-managed jobs. Our couriers are like modern taxi drivers; they work via mobile apps on their own schedule. Hundreds of thousands of drivers, waiters, security guards, cleaners, teachers, construction workers, full-time couriers, etc. used Dostavista to make a living or supplement their income. It really rocks!

We help businesses of any size exceed their customers’ expectations by delivering purchases within hours of ordering or at any convenient time.

For individuals, we make booking a courier as simple and familiar as ordering food delivery or hailing a taxi. A few taps in the app and a courier will be on the way. 

How we started

Long story short: in 2012, Mikhail Alexandrovsky wanted to launch a mobile game about logistics, but instead he created a crowdsourcing service to book couriers in Moscow.

More than 1 million couriers are registered on the platform in 10 countries. They deliver millions of parcels per year. In order to keep pace, we are constantly looking for ambitious professionals to join our team.

We have a lot of difficult tasks with no chance to be bored.

Our vision

We will make delivery faster, more convenient and cheaper than getting out of the house.


Fast and timely delivery is easy when it runs on rocket science.

Don't let the simplicity of our service deceive you. It does, in fact, take a rocket science to make fast and precisely on-time delivery so affordable that it can penetrate the mass market and make lives better. Algorithms are in our veins. We mix, stack, unstack, schedule, constrain, predict and estimate deliveries in order to build a route, time after time, so perfect that it can be admired no less than a Da Vinci painting.


Local presence. Global expertise.

We are certain that delivery, as a commodity product, is fundamentally the same in every corner of the world. However, each country is at a different stage of development and has its own peculiarities. Being global lets us zoom out, before zooming back in. We are expats in every market.

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